Application Process

Application Process

Applying for child care assistance has never been easier! You can apply for benefits, check the status of your application and renew your benefits all at one site,

Application Process

For the most efficient processing, please submit a CAPS application at If you need assistance in submitting an online application, call 1-833-4GACAPS (1-833-442-2277). If you are not able submit an online application, click on the link to the Contact Us page to submit a paper application.

Step 1: Log into your Georgia Gateway account if you have one OR create a new Georgia Gateway account. You will need your social security number or Client ID to activate or regain access to your account if you have not already done so.

  • Web address:
    • See instructions here.
    • If you forgot your user name or password, use the links to request the information.
    • If you have trouble logging in, contact the Gateway helpdesk at (877) 423-4746.
    • Note: If you have an existing case, you can link your Gateway account to your benefits, follow the link, if applicable.

Step 2: Complete an application for child care in Georgia Gateway.

  • Click on the “Renew my benefits” button (if you already have an active child care case in Gateway) and complete a renewal application for child care in Georgia Gateway OR click the link to start an application and select child care from the list of assistance programs.
  • Complete the Pre-Application Screener to determine if you meet submission requirements. (The Pre-Application Screener should not populate if you were able to select “Renew my benefits.”)
    • If you do not meet submission requirements, you will not have to complete the entire application.
    • If you do meet submission requirements, follow the prompts to complete the application.
  • Complete the application for child care, if applicable.

Step 3: Submit verification documents in Georgia Gateway. See the Eligibility Requirements webpage for required verification documents.

Step 4: A CAPS staff member will contact you to review your application and determine eligibility. Please note that applications are processed in the order received. You can speed up the process by ensuring that you have submitted all required documentation in the Georgia Gateway portal. Responding promptly to any correspondence from CAPS staff will also help expedite the processing of your application.